Families serve as a critical source of care and support throughout the lifespan
for the person with developmental disabilities.
Family support means supporting families in ways that maximize their capacity, strengths, and unique abilities...
...So they can best support, nurture, and love their family members while facilitating achievement of self-determination, independence, productivity, integration and inclusion in all facets of community life.
Families are the core unit in our society,
serving as a source of support for all of its members.
More than 75% of those living in their communities without formal disability services rely on their families for varying levels of support.
A small percentage of total I/DD spending in the US is allocated to supporting families yet over half of the people receiving services live at home with their families.

The goal of
Building a National Agenda for
Supporting Families with an Individual with Developmental or Intellectual Disabilities
is to advance policy and strategies at the federal and state level for building an infrastructure for supporting families of people with developmental disabilities, with all of their diversity and complexity.

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